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:: NEW & UPGRADE VERSION Of Linked Bungalow and Twin Villas – ASPEN 3B

Greetings from Austin Heights!

Thank you for your support and interest shown in our development. At Austin Heights, our commitment to quality, customer service and innovative designs for well- planned development have always remained as our top priority. These sentiments have proven to be correct as we had achieved 100% sales on almost all our 1,000 units of completed and on-going properties.

With today’s runaway inflation and fast diminishing value of money, properties have become one of the most selected choices as it is most hedge against inflation. Now that the interest rates & fixed deposit rates have been all time low, it is the rights time to invest your money at good property development. By doing  so, you will be investing in an assets that can at least preserve the value of your wealth and at best, enhance it.

As an innovative developer, we have never ceased to find ways to satisfy the needs of our value customers. After much research to move and response to feedback of customer, we will unveil another two (2) more maiden product of Austin Heights which cater for the different needs of the people – Exclusively Limited Beautifully Designated “Twin Villa’ & “Linked Bungalow” – Aspen 3B.

This new & upgraded version of Semi-Detached and Super Linked Bungalow Homes come with Value-added features to create exclusive living in Austin Heights which shall include the followings:- 

1)       Super wide frontage55’ x 72’ – 5 bedrooms + 5 bathrooms with bigger private garden;

2)       Super width master bedroom for your enjoyment;

3)       Additional rumpus or large patio linked to the dining hall – perfect for family activity;

4)       Separate guest hall (living hall) & family hall (dining hall) & rumpus for more privacy and creative space usage;

Aspen 3B - “Linked-Bungalow” Type H

Aspen 3B - “Twin Villa” Type J

If you or your friends and relative have missed the opportunity to be one of Austin Heights residence, we would like to extend an exclusive invitation to you, your relatives and friends to enjoy the privilege of selecting and Exclusively Limited Beautifully Designated :Twin Villa” OR “Linked-Bungalow” – Aspen 3B, at your choice location and also witness the preview of our latest property innovation design.

Share this great news with your relatives and friends who are desirous to be part of this community. Don’t miss the chance to own this new & Upgraded version of Semi-d that offer you a bigger and better for your private sanctuary which meets perfect living pleasure in Austin Heights.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Yours faithfully,


Date: 14/3/2009

:: OVERWHELMING RESPONSE on the new Twin Villa & Linked Bungalow of Aspen 3B

The quest for innovation is always at the forefront of what Austin Heights does. More than just a matter of product differentiation, it is about offering purchasers features that the company hopes will make a positive impact on how they live. This philosophy can also be seen in the company’s latest project – Twin Villa & Linked Bungalow - ASPEN 3B.

During our soft launching on the new Twin Villa & Linked Bungalow of Aspen 3B on 21 & 22 March 2009, many visitors thronged into Austin Heights to view the 2 tastefully designed show units. To those of you whom have walked away after selecting your choice unit, congratulations!! You have definitely made the right decision by putting down your “shrinking” money into property. We are proud to inform that we received overwhelming response and the sales have been tremendously good. Meanwhile, Nan yang Press has also published an article on our latest innovative design which provides a good overview of Austin Heights and its latest updates. We have taken the liberty of enclosing a reprint of the article just in case you missed the issue. We hope you find it an enjoyable reading.

So do not miss the opportunity to own a unit in an exclusive enclave of Austin Heights. You can share this good news with your relatives and friends. In light of the availability units for our new Twin Villa and Linked Bungalow - ASPEN 3B are limited, and perhaps there are those who are desirous to be part of Austin Heights community, we extend our warmest welcome to you, your family and friends to our site sales office. Our friendly Sales Team will be available on site to facilitate enquiries and show house is open for public viewing daily. 

We look forward to seeing you there! Thank you. 

Yours faithfully,


Date: 30/3/2009

:: Austin Heights LUXURY ACADEMIC SUITE - Open For Registration

Austin Heights seek to make a different that is truly unique combination of resident accommodation and academic place. Every effort is made to ensure that buyers are accommodated in a comfortable environment as well as learning atmosphere.

It shall Sound investment to Buy & Stay with Peace of Mind or Buy & Lease Back for Sound Returns with the immediate tenants from Sunway College as expected up to 6~8% leaseback guarantee return for 3+3 years*.

Register now to entitle for early bird discount.

 *Terms & Conditions Applied.

Date: 15/5/2009

:: New Austin Heights Bulletin Vol.6

Updated Newsletter, Austin Heights Bulletin Aug 2008:

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:: Updated Austin Heights Site Plan and Sales Status



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